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Multi- Purpose Spray (16oz)

Multi- Purpose Spray (16oz)

SKU: 3776599

Features and Benefits:

  • Safely cleans dirt, grease, and grime from any surface
  • Dilutable based on the severity of contamination 

Product Application:

Dilute concentrate as per contaminate condition. Wipe or spray onto the surface to be cleaned (do not over-saturate). Work with a brush if necessary. Wipe away with surface-appropriate microfiber/towel. 

Dilution Ratios:

  • When using to clean interior panels of a vehicle, or lightly soiled surfaces, it should be diluted 10:1 (10 parts water to 1 part cleaner)
  • When using on heavily soiled interior (stains on carpet, door jambs, etc.), it should be diluted 4:1 (4 parts water to 1 part cleaner)
  • When using on engine compartments and extreme situations, it can be diluted 2:1 or straight concentrate
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